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Business For Sale in Athens Ga

Discover Athens, GA, business-for-sale opportunities with well-established brands looking for partners to help expand. Using our intuitive research tools, filter by location, property type, and building class; access high-quality photos of listings and contact info of available commercial opportunities near you, and utilize high-quality search features to narrow your results further.

Electrical Contractor

Georgia offers many opportunities for those interested in purchasing their own business, as it boasts over 11 million residents who enjoy an exceptional quality of life – making Georgia an excellent location to live in and run a company from.

Electrical contractors are highly skilled professionals who specialize in electrical systems. After four years of on-the-job training and passing an exam to get their license, these experts are licensed to service residential and commercial clients.

Athens, Georgia offers an opportunity for buyers to acquire an established, profitable American restaurant and pub that has been open for eight years and is located near both the University of Athens and the city’s central business district. Boasting excellent curb appeal that draws customers in, this business presents itself as a perfect chance for prospective owners to take over this successful enterprise whose current owner has built up a large customer base over their eight-year tenure and plans to retire shortly, with financing also offered through seller assistance.

Durable Medical Equipment Company

Due to an aging population and greater demand for in-home care, durable medical equipment companies have seen an incredible surge in popularity. This type of equipment includes doctor-prescribed items like wheelchairs, portable oxygen equipment, diabetic testing kits, traction devices, and hospital beds; generally, these items are intended for long-term use and covered by Medicare or insurance plans; additionally, a DME company may also offer service and maintenance of their devices.

Medical device sales representatives’ salaries can differ significantly depending on experience and education level, as well as several other factors that could influence pay levels; to learn more, visit Professional Salary Report. In addition, working at one job for extended periods can impact pay levels considerably – such as time spent there.

American Restaurant & Pub

Athens Real Estate

Athens boasts many beautiful neighborhoods to choose from, each with its unique charm. Five Points neighborhood north of Prince Avenue and only blocks away from Downtown Athens is an exceptional example, featuring rustic warehouse exteriors housing popular local eateries like Pulaski and Heirloom Cafe and some of Athens’ top schools. Another popular neighborhood in Athens is Cobbham, which provides more traditional city suburbs featuring substantial, well-built houses and tree-lined streets.

Athens has made its cultural mark across the South with an active music and art scene, a bustling downtown center packed with food vendors, and beautiful antebellum architecture. Home of Georgia University – home of the Georgia Bulldogs! Athens offers more than just college life; neighborhoods and surrounding farmland provide a diverse community that extends well beyond the college town premise; this means homes for sale in Athens range from modern condominiums to sprawling mansions that will satisfy any buyer.

Motorcycle Shop

An investment such as opening a motorcycle shop can be an attractive opportunity, particularly in areas with strong demand. Before opening, ensure your business is financially sound by creating a business plan and securing adequate funding. Also, keep government regulations and zoning laws in mind when selecting its location; furthermore, a bank account and recordkeeping system must be in place.

Research to gain insight into your competition and identify market gaps your shop can fill. This will enable you to establish a unique identity that attracts customers seeking specific services or experiences. Perhaps focus on repairs, maintenance, or customization services alone or offer them all together – or offer both!

When hiring staff, select candidates with technical expertise and customer-driven attitudes. Provide ongoing training opportunities and encourage employees to obtain industry certifications. Also important is creating an inviting and inclusive workplace atmosphere and employing retention strategies.

Once your business runs, digital marketing strategies can help spread awareness and attract potential customers. Creating a website and social media pages dedicated to sharing product- and service-related content while using consistent branding across platforms will build brand recognition among your target market and boost trust among your audience.

When selecting the location for your motorcycle repair shop, you must consider its proximity to suppliers and complementary businesses, which will enhance profitability and customer satisfaction. In addition, view foot traffic levels and parking availability within the vicinity as well as whether there is an applicable Certificate of Occupancy (CO) that satisfies these criteria.