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Bob Odenkirk Reveals Chris Farley Inspired His Dramatic Acting Career

By Jamie Samhan.

Bob Odenkirk’s dramatic acting career came from an unlikely source.

The “Better Call Saul” star stopped by “Late Night With Seth Meyers” where he shared how the late comedian Chris Farley inspired him to try his hand at dramatic acting instead of comedy.

The two were part of the Second City comedy troupe in Chicago.

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“I was on stage with Chris Farley and Jill Talley at Second City, and we were improvising a scene,” Odenkirk said. “And Chris was so funny.”

It was seeing Farley’s comedic side that made Odenkirk realize the “Saturday Night Live” alum was in a league of his own.

“Chris and I are acting and I think, ‘I should be in a drama. That’s what I should do.’ And I really had that crazy thought. I think I was just loving his presence so much and he was so wonderful and I thought ‘I can’t compete with that. So put me in a drama and I’ll be so funny.’”

Bob Odenkirk, Chris Farley. Photo: Shutterstock
— Photo: Shutterstock

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Odenkirk’s switch didn’t happen right away, he worked on “SNL” as a writer, even creating Farley’s motivational speaker character Matt Foley.

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