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Are You Qualified to Serve as the President’s Personal Bodyguard?

Serving as a Presidential Bodyguard is the pinnacle of close protection careers. Regarding personal protection jobs, the United States Secret Service sets the highest standards. This will often be the capstone of a long and distinguished career in the armed forces, police enforcement, or government security. Learn the best info about celebrity bodyguard .

If protecting the nation’s leader is something you’re interested in, it’s essential to think about the training, knowledge, and time commitment that might be involved. It could be a dangerous and time-consuming job for which few people are cut out.

Roughly 3,000 special agents work for the United States Secret Service. The President and his family may have as many as one hundred Secret Service agents protecting them at anytime. Up to 250 or 300, more have been placed in other public areas.

Having so many bodyguards adds an extra layer of protection, but you shouldn’t overlook how well-trained and sophisticated even one of these agents is.

To join the Secret Service, one needs to be a citizen of the United States and between the ages of 21 and 37 at the time of hire. Applicants must have at least three years of relevant work experience or a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution.

Experience in law enforcement or criminal investigation is required. However, you need more than just bodyguard experience for this elite role.

The President’s bodyguards must meet specific physical standards. The President is vulnerable to attacks at any time and from any direction. Therefore, an agent must be physically and mentally ready for anything. This highlights the importance of good eyesight for a Presidential bodyguard.

An agent’s uncorrected vision must be no worse than 20/60 and capable of being improved to 20/20. Applicants to the Secret Service undergoing or have just recovered from Lasik or another corrective eyesight surgical surgery may be eligible for accommodations.

Each potential member of the Secret Service undergoes a rigorous screening process. The Secret Service requires passing scores on the Treasury Enforcement Agent written test since the agency spends significant time investigating counterfeit and fraud and providing security services to the President. Additionally, each applicant will undergo a comprehensive personal screening as part of the employment interview process.

Background checks on you and your immediate family members will be conducted to determine your eligibility for a security clearance. All applicants for the Secret Service, bodyguard or otherwise, must pass a polygraph test and a series of medical and drug tests.

When someone is chosen to be a Presidential Bodyguard, they immediately begin an intensive eleven-week training program. The next sixteen weeks will be spent receiving specialist instruction training in the field you have been assigned.

Being a Secret Service agent is much more demanding than any other job you could have and even more so than being an ordinary bodyguard. As a result, agents should anticipate being away from home for a minimum of a month.

It’s not uncommon for them to be sent to less-than-desirable locations that pose some risk.

A Secret Service agent is not your typical bodyguard, as only a select few will be allowed to learn. They transmit an air of superior military professionalism, training, knowledge, and responsibility.

Some people decide it’s not worth the bother and instead, find success and fulfillment in the private sector as bodyguards. However, if your heart is racing from reading this far, you believe you have what it takes to be a Presidential Bodyguard, and you can’t wait to learn more, you may have a future with the United States Secret Service.

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