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Anjana Sukhani: “It is high time society stopped judging women and labelling them”


Indian society still discourages women to prioritize their dreams over family. But then there are some women who defy the odds and manifest their dreams into reality. Anjana Sukhani has been winning the hearts of the audiences with her portrayal of Manisha in the newly released ‘Saas Bahu Achar Pvt. Ltd.’

Anjana can be seen playing the role of Manisha who happens to be the ‘second wife’ of the protagonist. Anjana adds, “Indian content creators have always portrayed the ‘other woman’ as a vicious character. I am glad that I got an opportunity to change that with ‘Saas Bahu Achar Pvt. Ltd.’ It is definitely hard for a woman to accept another woman in her husband’s life but at times that ‘other woman’ can be of a great support to her. I would like encourage every woman to find her calling and do everything that she likes.  Manisha is too good to be true but there are women who are actually doing everything for their families and loved ones changing the meaning of the other woman.”

Anjana’s ‘Saas Bahu Achar Pvt. Ltd.’ released on the 8th of July and is being loved by audiences worldwide.

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