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Anime Drawing Tutorial

There are many parts to an anime drawing. It can be difficult to make them look realistic. However, you can break the process down into simple shapes to make it easier for you. First, draw two curved lines on each side. The space between them should be the width of the eye you are trying to draw. These lines represent the eyeballs and the eyebrows.

How to draw eyes

Anime characters have very expressive eyes, and so drawing theirs can be a challenge for the novice. There are several techniques you can use to create eye shapes in anime, such as using a thick line around the iris. These techniques can also be applied to drawing human eyes. The key to achieving these beautiful eyes is to be precise and follow the same rules for drawing human eyes.

Using a reference photo to create a base is a good first step. Line up the blank paper under the reference photo so that it shows the rim of the eye in the picture. Also, remember to draw the outer and inner tear ducts, as well as the edges of the sclera. These lines will give the eyes dimension.