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Alex Jones May Lose His $300,000 Armored Truck, Poor Man


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In case you’re not watching the Alex Jones defamation trial happening in Austin, Texas, this week you’re lacking out on a remarkably cathartic occasion the place a serial liar is being pressured to inform the reality. The dad and mom of a kid who was tragically killed within the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary College bloodbath are asking for $150 million in damages, after Jones spent almost a decade pushing a preposterous conspiracy principle that their youngster by no means died, or by no means even existed. It’s potential the dad and mom may obtain the total $150 million, which, together with different default judgements, may pressure Jones to dump his property, together with this ridiculous army cosplay truck.

Jones calls this car his “InfoWars Battle Tank,” however like many of the issues that come out of his mouth, that isn’t true. This “tank” is basically simply an armored Ford F-550 constructed by the Canadian firm Terradyne Armored Automobiles. Jones’ mannequin is named the Gurkha CIV, the civilian-spec model of the Speedy Patrol Car usually seen in use by regulation enforcement. It’s powered by a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 producing 330 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque, and may attain 81 mph, doubtless slowed by the bullet-resistant plating it’s lugging round. I couldn’t discover an MPG score for this monster, however let’s assume the quantity is very low.

The Gurkha, and numerous Jones’s different stuff, may quickly go in the direction of the folks Jones tormented (and encourage others to torment) for almost a decade.

Right here’s a overview of the Gurkha from, to indicate you the way completely large this factor is.

Armoured Truck | 2016 Terradyne Gurkha RPV |

Jones likes to device round in his Gurkha at protests and occasions the place he shouts nonsense about shadowy globalists in league with demonic Democrats.

In an effort to gum up the wheels of justice, Jones lately declared his firm, Free Speech Methods, bankrupt. However in response to Professor F. Scott McCown, a lecturer on the College of Texas College of Legislation, chapter gained’t essentially save Jones’s stuff.

“If a judgment is rendered in opposition to Mr. Jones, and if he declares chapter, the federal chapter courtroom would marshal his property, promote them off, and determine which debtors will get how a lot,” McCown instructed Jalopnik by way of e-mail.

Jones has lately talked about on his InfoWars present that he’ll most likely must promote the Gurkha quickly. I don’t know if he actually believes that — many instances prior to now, he’s claimed he needed to dump his property to maintain InfoWars afloat, despite the fact that Jones testified on Wednesday that his firm has an annual revenue of as much as $80 million a yr.

Jones’s legal responsibility has already been determined by judges, following 4 years of Jones and his attorneys attempting every part they may to disrupt the invention course of. He had an analogous default judgement leveled in opposition to him in one other case in Texas, and one from different Sandy Hook dad and mom in Connecticut, for a similar causes.

The trial is presently in closing arguments as of Wednesday. This damages trial was introduced by Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, dad and mom of Jessie Lewis, a six-year-old who heroically saved 9 fellow college students earlier than he was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. Heslin and Lewis are suing after years of relentless harassment and violent dying threats from Jones’s followers, impressed by incoherent conspiracy theories Jones peddled on his present.

Terradyne doesn’t checklist a worth for the Gurkha, however latest reviews put it at near $300,000. If Jones is discovered responsible for the total $150 million, his Gurkha will doubtless must go.

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