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AIG Direct Life Insurance Reviews

Aig Direct offers a range of life insurance products. It also has a variety of optional riders to add extra benefits, such as a children’s rider.

AIG Direct is a good option for people who don’t have pre-existing health conditions or are looking for affordable rates. But it isn’t the right choice for everyone.


AIG Direct offers a range of life insurance options, including a variety of term policies, guaranteed-issue whole life, and universal life. The company also provides several optional riders, such as a return-of-premium rider and a children’s policy.

Aig Direct provides a wide range of policy options and competitive pricing. It also offers an extensive range of tools and educational resources, making it easy to research and find a plan that fits your needs.

Unlike many online brokers, AIG Direct requires that you speak to an agent when requesting a quote. It does offer a few self-service tools, but you should always choose an independent agent to ensure you receive the best customer service and product advice.

In addition to life insurance, AIG Direct offers a range of other financial products. They include retirement services, savings investment products for individuals and families and a portfolio of fixed-income strategies.

The company’s website includes numerous articles and guides to help consumers understand what life insurance is, how it works, and why they should have it. It also offers a range of educational courses through FutureFIT University that can help you learn more about the company and the insurance industry.

AIG Direct also provides a range of optional features and benefits, such as a waiver-of-premium rider that allows you to skip premium payments if you become disabled. It also offers an accidental death rider, which provides supplemental coverage if you die in a qualifying accident.

There are also two indexed universal life products, which tie growth rates to an equity index, and three Quality of Life (“QoL”) series policies, which are designed to focus on living benefits. The QoL series also includes a guaranteed universal life policy.

As one of the largest life insurers in the world, AIG Direct has a wide range of life insurance products and competitive pricing. But its approval guidelines are not as strict as some of its competitors, making it difficult to obtain coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Policy options

Aig Direct offers a variety of policy options for life insurance shoppers, including term, permanent, and guaranteed issues. These policies can be accessed through the company’s consumer-friendly website or by calling an agent.

Term: The most common form of coverage, term life, protects for a set period. You can choose from 18 different term lengths to suit your needs and convert a term policy to permanent.

There are some limitations to this type of coverage, however. For example, you’ll need to answer medical questions about your health and lifestyle, and the premiums for this kind of coverage will be higher than those for permanent policies.

You’ll also have to answer questions about your family health history and high-risk habits, such as smoking or drug use. These answers will help the insurance company determine your risk level and how much you’ll pay in premiums.

Universal: AIG Direct also sells several universal life insurance products, which can provide more flexibility than whole-life coverage. These plans have both investment components and flexible premium payments. They can also allow you to take out a large amount of money in a single policy.

Guaranteed: AIG Direct also sells a guaranteed issue policy, which can be an excellent option for individuals with severe health conditions. The policy operates similarly to a standard whole-life policy, but you can’t be denied coverage due to your health condition.

While this policy can be a great way to secure coverage for those with a severe health condition, it’s important to note that the death benefit limit on these policies is usually much lower than a standard coverage. This can make it challenging to protect your estate from financial losses if you pass away.

The insurance industry is a competitive one, and it’s a good idea to shop around before you buy any life insurance. This will give you a better idea of the best price and the coverage that suits your needs.

AIG Direct has been part of the American International Group, a large multinational insurer in business for over a century. Its founder Cornelius Vander Starr established the company in Shanghai and moved it to the United States in 1926. AIG has a long history of offering excellent life insurance policies and other financial products. The company’s credit ratings are a strong indicator of its financial strength and claims-paying ability.

Customer service

Aig Direct Life Insurance Reviews offer several life insurance policies to fit the needs of various customers. Its products include term life, whole life, and permanent life insurance. The company also offers several riders that can increase or decrease your coverage. For example, you can get a guaranteed insurability rider that lets you buy more coverage without undergoing a medical exam. You can also get a waiver-of-premium rider that will wipe out your premium payments if you become disabled.

Buying a life insurance policy is essential for anyone seeking peace of mind. It can provide financial stability to your family and help them cover the costs of funeral expenses, medical bills, estate taxes, debts, and more. However, it’s not always an easy process.

For this reason, it’s crucial to find a company that offers good customer service and will take care of your concerns quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, AIG Direct doesn’t have an excellent reputation for this.

This is mainly due to its high-volume operation, which makes it challenging to retain autonomy from its clients and employees. As a result, AIG Direct receives more complaints than comparable-sized insurers in the NAIC database.

The customer experience can be a crucial component of any life insurance purchase. It should be easy to navigate, understand, and consistent with your needs as a client.

In addition to having a robust suite of insurance products, AIG Direct also provides consumers various tools for researching their options. For instance, you can get a quote on your current policy online or contact a professional agent for help in exploring your coverage options and choosing the right one.

Getting a policy through AIG Direct can be simple and fast, but it’s essential to be honest with the information you provide. You’ll need to answer questions about your health and lifestyle, as well as any pre-existing conditions that might affect your insurance premium.

AIG Direct doesn’t require a physical exam to apply for a policy, but you must submit your medical records to the company. They can use them to evaluate your risk for death and then decide on the best life insurance policy for you.


AIG Direct has a wide range of life insurance policies, including term and whole policies. It also offers several riders to enhance your policy, such as a guaranteed insurability rider that lets you buy additional coverage on specific dates without undergoing a medical exam.

AIG has a long history, starting as American General in 1919. The company has since become a global organization with more than 56,400 employees. Its charitable activities are extensive and include the Life Happens program, which provides college scholarships to students who lose a parent.

The site’s “Get a Quote” tool requires you to input your date of birth, gender, age, height, and weight to get a rate quote. It also requires you consent for AIG’s in-house agents to contact you about your application.

It has an impressive array of products, and the website makes it easy to find one that meets your needs. In addition to life insurance, AIG Direct offers mortgage protection, credit cards, and auto loans.

However, the company isn’t without its share of complaints. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners calculates a complaint index each year, which takes into account the size of an insurer and the number of consumer complaints it received in the past three years.

As a result, AIG Direct has a disproportionately high complaint index for individual life policies. That index was 2.82, meaning that the company received almost three times as many complaints as expected for its size.

The best way to decide whether AIG Direct is right for you is to review its policies and customer service. You’ll want to check out independent rating services to ensure that the company has a solid financial track record and that you’re getting a good deal for your money.