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Action to Take When You Start to Lose Mobility

If you grew up being able to walk and have recently begun to lose mobility, it can come as a huge shock. Walking is often something many people take for granted and fail to appreciate the extent to which their lifestyles are made easier by this simple yet overlooked ability. However, this doesn’t mean that losing your mobility has to limit your ambition or enjoyment of life. It just means making adjustments and learning how to overcome new challenges as they arise.

Plan Ahead

Once you know that your mobility has decreased, find out more so you can make the necessary changes. For example, will your level of mobility remain static, will it return to how it was before or will it decrease over time? Use this information to help you decide how temporary or permanent your lifestyle changes need to be.

Speak to Experts

Don’t be afraid to contact your doctor or specialist with questions. It’s your health, after all. Ask their advice and what they would suggest helping you maintain as much mobility and independence as possible. Chances are they will have plenty of useful suggestions for alleviating some of the stress that comes with losing mobility.

Choose a Mobility Aid

Loss of mobility is different for everyone who experiences it. Fortunately, there are many types of mobility aid available for catering to different needs. There are:

Listen to Others

Talk to other people who have experienced similar mobility loss and find out their advice. While not everyone experiences it in the same way, you will still find some useful information and insight by listening to people who have been in your situation.

Consider Lifestyle Changes

If your mobility isn’t likely to return, alterations to your home, surroundings, and lifestyle are a great way to make your life simpler and safer. Here are a few examples:

  • Has your furniture rearranged to create more space in your home to make room for your mobility aids?
  • If you use a wheelchair, find used wheelchair accessible vehicles to help you travel in comfort.
  • Consider making changes to parts of your home to make them safer and more accessible, such as installing ramps or handrails.

Redirect Your Attention

When you find out that your mobility is becoming limited, it can be a source of stress and uncertainty. To combat these feelings, find a creative or expressive outlet to distract you from building up too much anxiety. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by health complications, but channeling your energy into something that absorbs your mind can be surprisingly helpful.

Find a New Lens to Look Through

Nobody can say there is a blanket response to losing mobility. People react to life events in their own way. However, you can reframe your perspective and try to appreciate the positivity of the situation. This might include becoming closer with loved ones or discovering a new hobby. While losing mobility isn’t easy, it can be an opportunity to see life in a new way.

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