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Acronis True Image Review

Regardless of whether you’re in the market for new backup software or looking for ways to improve your current one, Acronis True Image is a powerful option. The software offers backup, cloning, and cloud integration, and it can help you protect your system and restore files if something goes wrong.


Whether you’re backing up a single computer, an entire server, or a mobile device, Acronis True Image can make your job easier. With this software, you can create backups of your entire system or select individual files and folders. The software allows you to move files to a local drive, convert them to a virtual disk, or encrypt them. It also includes built-in antimalware.

Acronis True Image has two main products: Acronis True Image Home and Acronis True Image Server. The former is for home use and contains a few features such as cloning, syncing and restoring. The latter is for business use.

The former’s main features include the ability to create a full disk backup archive of a given system. It also has the ability to create bootable media. The latter’s main feature is the ability to store files online. This can be useful if you have a lot of files or need to free up your hard drive space.


Using Acronis True Image is an easy and secure way to back up your files. It provides real-time protection against cyber threats and offers on-demand antivirus scans. You can back up your files on local, cloud, or hybrid storage. It also provides a robust strategy to protect your data in case of a hard disk upgrade.

Acronis True Image can back up files and systems, as well as restore data from a backup copy. You can also schedule backups based on events. You can also use the software to clone drives, which is useful for backing up a failing desktop hard drive or a laptop. You can also generate media from USB flash drives.

The software allows you to clone a disk without reformatting it. This is very handy because you can share your hard drive with a friend without fear of losing data. However, this process also takes up a lot of space on the destination disk.

Cloud integration

Adding Acronis True Image Cloud to your arsenal of backup tools can add a layer of protection to your data center or server farm. Acronis True Image combines desktop backup, cloud storage, and file sync and share capabilities into one package. As a bonus, Acronis True Image Cloud supports Windows and Mac OS X as well as iOS and Android. Using Acronis True Image is as easy as logging into your account, selecting your files, and clicking a few buttons.

Acronis True Image is the gold standard when it comes to backing up your data. It also has a hefty price tag to match. The software is aimed at the home user, so if you’re looking for the latest and greatest, you’re out of luck. Thankfully, Acronis offers free trial periods so you can try it out firsthand.

There are no catches or hiccups when it comes to backing up your data. Acronis True Image Cloud also comes with a one-on-one tech support team. Acronis’ gurus will be happy to help with questions, pitfalls, and solutions.


Whether you are a consumer or a business, Acronis True Image security software offers you a way to back up your data. In addition, the program also offers security against malware attacks.

With Acronis True Image security software, you can back up files on your computer, or move them to the cloud or an external drive. The Acronis desktop application is easy to use. It offers a wide range of features, including a Quick Start Guide.

In addition, Acronis True Image includes built-in antivirus protection. Active Protection looks for suspicious changes to files and proactively tries to protect you from malware attacks. It also prevents ransomware from attacking your computer. The program is able to scan your computer on demand for malware.

You can back up files and folders on your computer. You can also transfer files and folders to the cloud or an external drive. In addition, Acronis True Image allows you to encrypt your data. It also includes a private encryption key.