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A Cuban Heeled Stocking

These fully fashioned stockings feature a black back seam, Cuban heel, and welt for a touch of 1940s glamour, handmade in Britain from vintage machinery.

This exquisite thigh-high stocking features an eye-catching black back seam, Cuban heel, and a dramatic black welt (stocking top). These luxurious nylon stockings will caress your leg in a sensual style.

Back seam

Back seams add an alluring, seductive element to any stocking, from backless dresses and bikinis to tights and panties. Running from foot to top of the sock, they create an irresistibly hot line up the leg from foot to head – perfect for backless dresses, bikinis, and panties alike!

A Cuban heeled stocking with a back seam is an elegant way to complete any lingerie set. The back seam adds sophistication and seduction, while its Cuban heel adds retro chic. Though designed as special occasion stockings, these shouldn’t be worn daily as they stretch and tear more quickly than regular pairs – though if worn for special events, they make for great investments!

Gio Stockings offers premium quality, fully fashioned nylon stockings made on original Reading machines and feature fine, thick yarn that feels luxurious against your skin while boasting beautiful finishes. Plus, their more comprehensive profile makes them even more elegant and sturdy!

These stockings feature a nude hue with black back seam, heel, and top detail; explicitly designed to fit plus-sized women, these stockings can be worn to evening events as well as dressed up as WWII attire for an impressionistic effect. A must-have addition to any lingerie collection!

Fully fashioned stockings are traditionally knitted flat and then sewn up the back of the leg to form a seam with a distinct finishing loop at its top, producing an authentic vintage experience. Made from 100% nylon, fully-fashioned stockings come in an assortment of colors and finishes; today, most hosiery is produced circularly, but fully-fashioned stockings still enjoy relatively limited production numbers and remain highly prized among many nylon enthusiasts – although more costly than modern options they make up part of an authentic experience worth every penny for vintage lovers alike!

Reinforced heel

Cuban heeled stockings feature reinforced heel beds to offer greater comfort and support, making this style of stocking an excellent way to add some 1940s glamour to any wardrobe. In addition, their reinforced heels help prevent slippage while the reinforced strap prevents any unwanted sliding-down of the stocking during wear. They should ideally be worn with a suspender belt or girdle.

Fully fashioned stockings are handmade on vintage machinery with seams up the back of each leg, available in different denier levels, colors, and styles to meet every preference. Made with vintage machinery for maximum durability and lasting longer. Fully fashioned stockings make an elegant finishing touch to lingerie sets or date night looks.

When purchasing fully fashioned stockings, the right size must be selected. Hosiery sizes itself, according to Denier, with lower numbers signifying more sheer products while higher numbers represent thicker opaque items – typically 15-20 denier products are considered very products.

Cuban heel stockings are timeless classics; their name refers to their darkened reinforced heel design that finishes in a square top rather than tapering down to a point (which would be known as French heels). Popular in the 1940s and 50s.

Are You Looking for Retro Fashion Accessories? Consider Our Black Contrast Heel Cuban Heel Stockings to Complete your Vintage Outfits

Leg Avenue’s Miko Contrast Heel Stockings feature classic Cuban heels with contrast back seams, making them ideal for both lingerie sets and date nights. Made on original 400 needle flat bed machines for an authentic vintage nylon look and made of 15 denier materials to fit perfectly to legs, they make a lasting statement!

Reinforced toe

Cuba-heeled stockings feature reinforced toes to add an air of luxury and glamour to any ensemble. Crafted with particular fabric that folds over and sews together for increased strength during supporter fastening, their reinforced toes also create an eye-catching contrast against lighter skin tones of stocking tops – a popular style suitable for wearing with various shoes and pants styles.

Cuban heeled stockings are known to feature a back seam that adds an element of seduction from toe to top and adds an air of seductive sophistication. This striking line draws attention to the curvatures of a woman’s legs while giving her legs a slimmer appearance – ideal for wearing with suspender belts for those who want to make an impressionful statement.

While back seams were once an essential component of hosiery, modern styles tend not to feature them anymore; instead, a machine draws an endless circle from end to end instead. There are still a few companies producing back seam hosiery; costume designers often favor back seam stockings when designing movies!

Gio is fully fashioned stockings are handcrafted using original flat-bed 400 needle machines for vintage glamour. Crafted in silky-smooth nylon material with 15 denier density and reinforced with Cuban heels (RHT), plus back seams – providing ultimate vintage glamour! Authentic Gio stockings feature Cuban heels, which are squared off above the ankle instead of tapered as traditional point heels would.

These elegant contrasting thigh highs are ideal for suspender belts and feature an eye-catching black back seam, Cuban heel, welt, and full foot reinforcement for an additional retro vibe. Available in black or nude with silky smooth material ensuring an alluring sheer shiny finish, they make for the ideal additions to suspender belts!


These luxurious stockings are fully fashioned nylon stockings with seams sewn together and glued, adding a luxurious feel. It is produced on special reading machines and features the classic Cuban heel. Sized individually for your leg shape to minimize wrinkling and designed to be fitted around the calf, knee, and upper thigh areas in order to reduce bunching and movement. If unsure which size to order, we advise choosing one size smaller as fully-fashioned nylon has little stretch and should be kept away from perfumes/lotions/water/etc. As this product is made-to-order, please allow up to four weeks for production and shipping before delivery of the product to you.

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