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9 Colourful Nail Designs To Gear You Up For Your Summer Manis

Vibrant, bright colours seem to be everywhere this summer, no? As excruciating this season maybe with its extreme temperatures, we gotta accept that we kinda love the colours that come along with it. Popping pinks, flourishing greens and zesty oranges— all of the colours we’re seeing everywhere, amongst a lot of others too. Just in time for our summer nails to enjoy a lil bit, no?

All throughout the year, we often stray toward neutrals and our fav french manicures. Because let’s face it, no one’s in the mood to experiment with some energetic colours. However, summer beckons all things exciting and colourful, especially when we’re talking about our nails. Sun’s out and the colours are too! In the past few years, we’ve seen so much creativity when it comes to nails, don’t you think? Whether that’s bedazzling rhinestones, quirky patterns or just bizarre designs. We know you’re due for a fun nail sesh very soon, so we’ve put together some of our favourite designs for you to go berserk over!

Abstract Fun

Pretty In Pink

A Wave Of Marble

Some Bedazzling Holo

Y2k Maximalism

Delish Jelly

Swirling Florals

Gradient Colours

Eat Your Greens and Paint ‘Em Too

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