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7 Tips For First Time Drivers That They Must Know

Passing the driver’s license test is the first step to beginning countless adventures behind the wheel of your car. However, the acid test is when you drive for the first time without anyone’s help. What to do at that moment? 


Don’t panic! Driving is one of the ultimate pleasures for car lovers, so if you follow these tips, your experience will be so good that you won’t want to get out of your vehicle. 


7 Amazing Tips For Those Driving For The First Time 


Learning to drive is relatively simple. The tricky part is going out with your car for the first time and dealing with all that this implies, such as traffic, finding places to park, or running into bad drivers. 


Experts at say that the first thing you should do is calm down and follow these tips for first-time drivers. Buckle up and pay attention! 


Don’t forget the traffic signs! 


Keep in mind that you don’t just have to memorize traffic signs to pass the driver’s license rules test. You must learn to identify them and, above all, respect them. 


The experience of driving for the first time will not be so pleasant if, days later, you receive a notice for speeding or for violating a rule by not respecting a traffic sign. This is vital to avoid making mistakes on the road. 


Calm, your best ally 


When you get behind the wheel for the first time, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry, and it’s totally normal. However, you must remain calm before you start driving, as fear can lead you to make mistakes.


Don’t overthink it! Concentrate and start enjoying the pleasure of driving for the first time. If it gives you more confidence, you can take a co-driver (driver) with you at the beginning to help you stay relaxed in all circumstances. 


Adaptation is key


It may be that the car you are going to drive will be driven not only by you but also by your parents or siblings. In that case, getting into the car is to adapt it according to your needs. 


For example, you should adjust the seat so that you can reach the pedals without any problems. If possible, you should also adjust the steering wheel so that you don’t run out of arms. 


Remember that if the vehicle is mechanical, when you press the clutch fully, your knee should be slightly bent. 


When you are ready, it is time to adjust the rear-view mirrors (both side and center). To adjust the side mirrors, remember to adjust them so that you can barely see the body of your car. This is to avoid blind spots. 


Don’t forget to wear your seat belt! 


What if my car turns off? This is the greatest fear of those who drive a car with a mechanical gearbox for the first time, especially when you have to face a hill with traffic in between. 


In these cases, you should remain calm. The car will start and will not turn off if you follow the same sequence as you do on flat terrain. 


The first few times, you can use the hand brake. Once you come to a complete stop, you must lift it until you start driving again; at that moment, press the clutch, engage first gear, and while accelerating, lower the hand brake. 


This will prevent the car from rolling backward due to inertia, and you may drive off with greater peace of mind. 


In fact, some manufacturers, in order to avoid this problem, have incorporated in their cars the Auto Hold function, which, when you release the brake, keeps the vehicle stopped for a few seconds. 


Acceleration and braking 


It is important to accelerate slowly when driving for the first time. This will not only avoid an accident but will also control fuel consumption since acceleration is harmful in this sense. 


The same should be done when braking. The brakes of a car are activated by lightly stepping on the pedal. To do this, you should always keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. This will allow you to stop smoothly and progressively. 


If you apply extreme pressure on the pedal, you could cause an accident. If you are above average speed and must stop, the best way to begin to contain the car is to stop accelerating. 

What if I have to brake hard in an emergency?


If hard braking is necessary to avoid an imminent accident or collision, you are likely to react by making an untimely turn of the steering wheel while braking, which will inevitably lock the wheels and cause you to lose control of the car. 


In case this happens, the first thing you should do to regain control of the vehicle is to stop braking and correct the path with the steering wheel. 


It will be somewhat complicated, but it is advisable to remain calm since this is the only way to follow the previous advice and avoid an accident of major proportions. 


The more you know, the better


To avoid the above, when driving for the first time, experts at Raceonthebase recommend going to places with little traffic and where you know enough, so you don’t have a bad time. 


Smartphones or infotainment systems indeed come with maps, but driving on streets or avenues that you know will also prevent you from breaking any traffic rules. 


The most important tip: No distractions


You may want to post an Instagram story when driving for the first time to record this special moment. But forget about it! 


All your senses should be on driving, even if you are stopped at a dark traffic light. Driving for the first time should be safe above all else, so keep your phone in your pocket or out of reach to avoid distractions. 




Finally, don’t forget to learn the basic tasks a car requires, such as checking fluid levels or replacing a tire. It’s not just about driving and forgetting about these items, as you never know when you might run into these situations. 


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