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7 Surprising Benefits of Getting Lip Fillers in Dubai As You Age

7 Surprising Benefits of Getting Lip Fillers in Dubai As You Age

Did you know that the global lip filler market is worth a staggering $1.3 billion?

This comes as no surprise, with the growing popularity of selfies on social media. Selfies have popularized the belief that voluminous lips are the standard of beauty.

And, contrary to popular belief, lip fillers aren’t just popular with the older generation. Today, even people in their 20s and 30s undergo this procedure to defy aging.

If you’re yet to get yours, it’s time to start considering doing so. Luckily, this article outlines some surprising lip filler benefits to help you decide.

1. They Eliminate Purse Lines

Purse lines, lip lines, smoker’s lines- These are some of the names given to the pesky lines you see around your pout. They appear along your upper lip or between your upper lip and nose.

These lines are caused by more than just smoking and aging. They also occur due to pouting, using straws, and alcohol consumption. So, anybody, at any age, can get purse lines.

You’ve probably come across many products claiming to get rid of these lines. And, if you’re like many people, you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on them. But, the bad news is that they don’t work as fast as they claim.

Luckily, lip fillers are the perfect solution for purse lines. Unlike the over-marketed products, lip fillers Dubai injections will leave your lips smooth.

2. They Increase Lip Definition Around the Edges

Unfortunately, the older you get, the more your lips lose their definition. That’s because your body produces less hyaluronic acid and collagen as you age.

It’s common for your cupid’s bow to droop inwards. This can cause serious self-esteem issues because no makeup can hide the inward dip.

But, you won’t need any makeup with lip fillers. That’s because your specialist will inject hyaluronic acid into your lips, allowing them to regain their curve.

3. They Make Lips Fuller

What comes to mind when you hear full lips? If you’re like many, you’ve probably thought about Kylie Jenner.

The hashtag Kylie Jenner challenge highlights how much people want full lips. Unfortunately, sucking your lips on an airtight bottle won’t do it. Chances are, it’ll leave unattractive marks on your lips and may even cause permanent damage.

Instead of following the false and dangerous DIY hacks, get yourself lip fillers here. Fillers are recommended for thin lips to achieve a natural-looking plump shape.

4. They Reduce Sagging

Reduced collagen production in the body results in sagging skin. So it’s common for the area around your mouth to appear saggy and form marionette lines.

Luckily, a dermal filler specialist can get rid of marionette lines. This procedure first involves injecting filler into the cheekbones to make them firmer. The lips are then injected with hyaluronic acid to increase their definition.

Ever wondered why many celebrities never seem to age? Well, your answer lies in dermal fillers. Lip fillers eliminate all signs of sagging, allowing celebrities to appear ageless.

5. You Can Progress Slowly

The beauty of choosing lip fillers over implants is that they allow you to progress at your speed. You can inject as little or as much filler as you would like over time.

Most people prefer gradual injections, starting small and increasing with time. Only a few people will know that you’ve undergone the procedure with this strategy. It’s the perfect solution for people who prefer to keep their cosmetic procedures private.

6. Lip Filler Injections are Safe

Safety is at the core of lip filler London injections. It’s non-invasive, so you don’t need to worry about the consequences of surgery.

It also involves a naturally-occurring substance in the body. Hyaluronic acid, the primary component in fillers, is produced in the body. The chances of adverse side effects to this product are non-existent.

It’s also safe because specialists are strict about who qualifies for the procedure. Rest assured that your doctor will first assess your medical history. Professionals don’t give injections to people with diabetes and conditions that cause clots.

7. The Procedure is Reversible

Are you a fan of Botched the TV series? If so, then you may be afraid of your procedure’s outcome. It’s normal to feel concerned that you may not get your desired results.

The good news is that lip fillers are reversible. Your doctor can inject hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler if you want a change. So there’s no reason to be afraid.

Do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip fillers are temporary, lasting anywhere between 3 to 18 months. The lasting period depends on the type of injection received and your age.

These fillers last longer in older individuals than younger ones. That’s because you burn calories faster when you’re young.

How Do You Choose the Best Lip Filler Clinic?

You’ll need to consider several factors before settling on any lip filler clinic. The first is a doctor’s expertise. Don’t risk your health by choosing an uncertified doctor, no matter how good their deals may be.

You’ll also need to consider a clinic’s reviews. The best clinics will have many positive online client reviews. They’ll also have various before and after pictures to display their work.

Are You Ready to Get Lip Fillers?

There’s no better time than the present to get your lip fillers. They’ll have you looking younger by getting rid of purse lines and making your lips fuller. Find an experienced and reputable clinic for the best results.

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