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6 Interior Design Trends For Your Home

The 70s interior design era was all about wood grain, from furniture to appliances. The use of teak was also a hot trend. This material was popular with Scandinavian designers and quickly became synonymous with mid-century design. Other popular materials at the time included bamboo cane and bent rattan, which was great for outdoor furniture.


With the housing recovery, more people are taking up home renovation projects. As a result, new interior design trends have been adopted, including embroidered fabrics for draperies and home furnishings. Incorporating embroidered decor into home decor is a great way to give your room a distinct look.

The 1970s interior design style is unique and evokes nostalgia. However, it can be combined with modern elements to create a unique look. You can choose between disco glam and boho hippie styles, and there’s no shortage of ideas.

Bean bag chairs

The bean bag chair is one of the most famous pieces of furniture that evokes 70s interior design. Its invention is a testament to the popularity of this retro style. The first bean bag chair was invented by William Roger Dean while working at the Royal College of Art. The chair’s popularity grew and eventually became an icon in interior design.

In the 1970s, bean bag chairs were widespread and made from various materials. The most common ones were made from cotton, canvas, and corduroy fabrics. Later, vinyl was used as a filling material, making it more durable and affordable. They were popular among hippies because they were easy to move and store.

Macrame wall hangings

Retro-styled macrame wall hangings are making a comeback. This style is the perfect way to add a touch of nostalgia and calm to a room. You can buy these beautiful hangings online or make them yourself, using high-quality single-twisted cotton string. The strands are then tied onto a softly treated wooden branch. Each branch is unique, giving the hanging its personality.

You can make macrame wall hangings from two strands of string, or you can make larger versions that can transform your ceiling into an upside-down forest. If you want a unique, handmade gift for a loved one, consider making a macrame wall hanging.

Globe chair

If you’re considering adding a retro design to your home, you might be interested in the Globe Chair. Designed by a Finnish furniture designer in the 1960s, this piece is still in high demand. It is found in design museums worldwide and has appeared in many films. Its unusual shape makes it unique, creating a space where you can escape the outside world. It is made of fiberglass and is upholstered in a fade-resistant cotton fabric. It can fit through any door that’s at least 27 inches wide.

The Ball Chair was one of the first major productions of this period. Its shell was made from molded fiberglass and was supported by an aluminum stand. It was available in various colors and was also known as a globe chair.

Egg chair

Arne Jacobsen, a well-known Danish architect, sculpted the iconic Egg chair in clay in his home. The chair’s undulating contours were revolutionary for the era, and many regarded it as a work of art. The Egg Chair has remained a design classic to this day.

The Egg Chair is a popular choice for a sexy office or living room, but it is not inexpensive. It can cost as much as PS5,000 or more. Of course, buying one secondhand isn’t a cheap option, but you may be able to find one for a lower price. However, be careful: a secondhand Egg chair will likely be counterfeited or copycatted.

Shag rug

A round Shag rug creates a comfortable atmosphere in your living room. It pulls together the furniture in a room and adds balance with its muted beige color. This pattern is also subtle, which makes it appear contemporary. The rug and a round dining table create a functional space. The 70s’ interior design was characterized by a mixture of textures, bold colors, and reflective surfaces.

The popularity of shag-style rugs peaked during the 1960s and 70s. At the time, carpeting the whole room in shag style was a new trend. Shows like the Brady Bunch helped popularize the look.