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5 Essential Tools for Digital Artists

Thanks to technology, artists no longer struggle to create and publish their work, with digital artists making a fortune at the higher end. Whether you want to lock yourself in your room and scribble your art or inspiration strikes outdoors, the tools discussed below will gift you the power to create. 

iPad Pro & Apple Pencil

Apple’s iPad is one of the most highly respected tablets on the market, and for a good reason. With a generous 12.9” screen, the iPad Pro gives artists the freedom to spread out. The Apple Pencil 2 will help you put the more delicate touches on your work to complement this iPad. If you’ve got the cash to shell out, you should invest in a couple of Apple Pencils so that one can charge while you keep the creative juices flowing. 

Quality Laptop

Thanks to next-gen graphics, including the Intel 11th Gen, which you will find in these Lenovo laptops for artists, there is no need to invest in a dedicated product. Whether you choose to create on Adobe Creative Studios or Microsoft Paint (so essential), a laptop will offer incredible versatility at a budget price.


Astropad is an incredible tool for iOS that turns an iPad into a dedicated studio in tangent with a Macbook. In 2022, Astropad integrated its powerful studio with Windows PCs through a thorough beta named Astropad Project Blue, which has come to an end. After a successful beta, Astropad Studio can be used with both Windows and Mac, granting its users incredible versatility. Essentially, this app allows you to mirror PC creative apps onto an iPad to give more control to artists. 

Clip Studio Paint

Whether you’re operating on Windows’ Surface Pro, Apple’s iPad, or one of the many Android tablets, Clip Studio Paint is an incredible tool for digital artists. Of course, you can customize the installation to add your favourite tools. Still, we feel that the default installation is packed with plenty of traditional tools to satisfy any digital artist’s needs. Designed by Japanese company Celsys, Clip Studio Paint is tailored heavily toward graphic designers working on comics, which makes sense when you think about the origins of the Manga. 

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro boasts a 13” screen that runs on an Intel i5 CPU, and there’s even the option to upgrade to an impressive 16” screen running on an Intel i7, which packs some serious power. This mobile studio is a dedicated tool for hardcore digital artists and comes with the price tag to prove it (£3K on Amazon). Interestingly, Wacom has a healthy partnership with Celsys and offers various discounts to new Wacom users. Further, they have a healthy catalogue of video tutorials on drawing comics. 

Digital artists can create easily with the technology at their fingertips. There are many manufacturers of tools and software for artists, which all offer high quality. However, it all depends on your preference and available budget when it comes down to which you wish to use. 

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