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5 Black Owned Businesses to Check Out in Nashville

Whether you’re looking for a fun restaurant to visit or are just in the mood for some coffee, there are plenty of black-owned businesses to check out in Nashville. From a cozy cafe to a stylish bookshop, there’s something for everyone.

Gunjan Cafe

Located in the historic Corn Exchange Building in East Harlem, Ginjan Cafe is a black-owned business with a healthy twist. It serves coffee, tea, and savory crepes to order. The shop also sells local artisanal pastries, such as the famous kougin-Amann, a sweet crepe filled with mashed pistachios and almonds.

Two Guinean brothers, Mohammed and Rahim Diallo came to the United States as teenagers. After settling in New York, they decided to open their own business. They wanted to bring West African foods to the American palate. So they started a company that would produce a traditional ginger drink called Gunjan, which was popular in their home country of Guinea.

Busy Bee cafe

During the Jim Crow era in Atlanta, Busy Bee Cafe was one of the few Black-owned businesses that survived. It was a frequent meeting spot for Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Andrew Young. The restaurant was also a gathering place for activists, politicians, and celebrities.

As a result, Busy Bee Cafe has received critical acclaim as the best authentic southern cuisine restaurant in the region. Tracy Gates, the owner of the restaurant, takes pride in serving comforting and wholesome food.


Getting your hands on a bottle of Oliveberry’s organic, chemical-free hand sanitizer is a no-brainer. Whether you’re a fan of the citrus, the tangy goodness, or a diehard cynic, the company’s signature products are bound to put your hands on a happy glow. The brand is also known for its fair-weather service, which is not the norm for a small business. With a focus on the millennials, the company is on track to bolster its consumer base over the next few years.

McBride Sisters

Whether you’re a wine fan or haven’t tried it yet, McBride Sisters is one of the largest Black-owned wineries in the United States. Founded by Andrea and Robin McBride, the company’s goal is to make the industry more representative of the people and communities it serves. They are also trying to get retailers to put more room on their shelves for women-owned brands.

McBride Sisters began as a wine import business. They first started purchasing wines from New Zealand. Their initial plan was to sell them, but they soon realized they could create their line.


During the recent coronavirus pandemic, Black-owned businesses faced significant challenges. One study reported that 77% of Black-owned companies had a poor financial state. This disproportionate impact could potentially derail the growth of Black entrepreneurship.

Despite these challenges, Black businesses did still experience a resurgence. For example, the UCSF compiles a list of Black-owned companies in the Bay Area. The report also shows that Black owners account for over a quarter of all micro-businesses started online.

However, the true impact of these contributions remains unknown. There is no way to know if these contributions helped Black business owners overcome historic racial inequities.

Harriett Tubman bookshop

In the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Harriett Tubman Bookstore is named after the historical heroine. It specializes in women’s authors, artists, and activists. It’s owned and operated by Jeannine Cook. It’s a community-focused store. It’s open Thursday through Sunday from 12 am to 6 pm. It’s located at 258 E. Girard Ave.

As a teacher, Cook has been working to develop an anti-racism curriculum. She has also brought artists into classrooms. In addition, she works with local artists to rotate a monthly collection of books. She has also launched a campaign to purchase books for essential workers.

Beauty Bakerie

Founded in 2011 by breast cancer survivor Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie is a cosmetics company that offers cruelty-free, high-quality makeup at an affordable price. The company’s signature recipe is its Lip Whips, which are long-lasting, waterproof, and smudge-proof. In addition to its lip products, the brand also offers loose highlighter and eyeshadow.

Beauty Bakerie’s innovative packaging reflects the company’s baking-themed nature. It’s designed to look like baking accessories and is built to last. Besides cosmetics, the company has launched a charitable initiative titled Sugar Homes, which donates to orphanages worldwide.

Pardon My Fro

Amongst the hordes of HSN shoppers, fans, and elves, there is no shortage of worthy competitors for your money, but Pardon My Fro is not for the slacker in the family. So it’s no wonder this black-owned company has the goods. This award-winning multi-channel retailer has one of the industry’s most impressive collections of products, services, and promotions. So you’ll find it here if you’re looking for a new kitchen appliance, an artful rug, or the latest gadget.