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5 Android Scanner Apps

If you need to scan documents on your Android phone or tablet, you can use the Android scanner app. These apps can create both single and multi-page documents and can be found on the Google Play Store. They can also detect edges and recognize text. These features make it easy to scan and convert documents into the documents you need.

Docufy Scanner

The Docufy Scanner Android scanner app is a comprehensive document scanner that turns scanned paper documents and emails into customizable forms. You can send these forms to employees or customers, and then they can fill them out. The application also has a simple user interface. Its makers claim that this is the ultimate Android scanner.

The app also has advanced features, such as batch scanning, and allows you to upload scanned files to cloud services. It also allows you to customize the camera and brightness levels. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


If you’re looking for a great way to scan business cards on your Android phone, you should consider using the CamCard Android scanner app. It’s been around for ten years and uses OCR and QR technologies. This app also allows you to share e-cards via SMS and email. In addition, its handy “nearby” feature makes it easy to share cards with people within 5 meters of your device.

The CamCard app has an extensive feature set and a very user-friendly interface. The main job of the app is to scan business cards, including features that make it convenient to manage business cards, such as adding notes and setting reminders. You can also tag documents so they’ll be easier to find later. The app also supports 17 languages and can detect up to 200 cards with a single scan.

PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan is a simple scanning app that lets you take pictures with your Android or iOS smartphone. Position the items you want to scan inside the frame and tap the shutter button. To take a more detailed view, you can use the app’s “Remove Glare” feature to remove distracting elements from the image.

A recent update improves the app’s scanning performance. Now, the app is more convenient than ever. It now allows you to scan a physical photo with multiple images. This feature eliminates the need to take numerous pictures of the same item. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast in a single view. Once you’ve scanned your image, you can share it by tapping the “sharing” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You’ll see a list of installed apps and shortcuts to share the image.

The PhotoScan by Google for Android app takes only a few seconds to digitize photos. It also stores your pictures in Google Photos, a free service. It also comes with powerful face and objects search capabilities. It’s important to note that the quality of the image you’re scanning will depend on the quality of your camera. A Google Pixel phone has a high-quality camera and will produce excellent scans. The app also offers fun filters and editing tools.


If you want to scan documents on your android phone, TurboScan is the app for you. This app has various useful features, including reviewing documents on the fly and grabbing images. The app is available for Android 4.0 and higher and supports iOS devices. Its interface is unorganized, lacking folders or file tagging. However, it allows you to search by file name and document type category. Documents are saved as Adobe PDF or JPEG files.

TurboScan is a universal scanner app that allows you to scan documents from various sources. It can scan paper documents, whiteboards, receipts, photos, and more. It even allows you to scan multiple-page documents. In addition, its scanner can convert these documents into high-quality PDF or JPEG files. It also works fast and saves internet data.


The Notebloc Android scanner app offers several features that can make the entire scanning process much more convenient. This app is compatible with most Android devices, and its OCR technology can digitize documents in up to 18 different languages. In addition, it can detect document corners and adjust the image’s perspective when scanning.

This application is available for free on Google Play for Android users. It allows users to scan documents and save them as PDF or JPEG files. It also supports unlimited users and allows users to share scanned files online. In addition, the app will enable users to edit and rename documents, classify them based on their creation date, and add, delete, or copy pages as needed.