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4 questions to ask before hiring an auto accident attorney in Bellevue

If you suffered a severe injury as a result of a reckless auto accident in Bellevue, you could be entitled to compensation. More often than not, people don’t realize the option to file an injury claim to recover a settlement, while others are blatantly unaware of the worth of such claims. No matter the circumstances, you need to meet an auto accident attorney in Bellevue and discuss the facts of your case. Before you hire an attorney, ensure that you ask the questions listed below.

What’s your experience with auto accident claims?

Experience should ideally triumph over everything else when you are comparing injury lawyers. Personal injury law covers a wide range of accidents, and you need someone who deals with auto accident claims in particular or at least a few years of experience. A skilled lawyer will ensure that the entire investigation is focused on discovering evidence and will evaluate your claim for negotiating the final settlement.

Who will be responsible for my case?

Numerous lawyers often work for the same law firm, which means the attorney you meet may not be the one working on your case. You need to know the lawyer who will be handling most of the work and must have direct access to them. As a client, you should be able to call or get an update on the case as needed. The ideal attorney-client relationship is all about a partnership that’s based on communication.

What’s the worth of my injury claim?

Depending on the circumstances, your injury claim related to the car accident could be worth more than the insurance company says. When it comes to maximizing financial compensation, your lawyer is your best resource, and the right one will ensure that you have a realistic and fair understanding of the situation and possible outcomes. Your lawyer will ask relevant questions and check the evidence to determine the claim’s worth.

What expenses am I responsible for, and how do I pay you?

Auto accident lawyers don’t work at an hourly rate. Instead, they get a share of the compensation. You can expect a detailed and comprehensible explanation of the overall costs of the case and the lawyer’s fee. In a contingency agreement, your lawyer will work on the claim for as long as needed, but when you win, they get a fixed share. Ask the attorney if there are other out-of-pocket expenses that you must pay in advance.

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