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4 Questions that your Divorce Attorney can ask you

When you are visiting your divorce attorney for the first time to get legal advice, it is very natural to be overwhelmed by the entire situation you are in. To ease the situation and your first meeting with the attorney, it is better to expect what you will get served. Therefore, implying that this blog has some commonly asked questions by divorce lawyers and possible clues on how you should answer them.

Question 1: What is your employment status?

Answer: You need to clarify and make your divorce lawyer phoenix knowledgeable of your and your partner’s employment status. To know you and your status better, the attorney may ask you:

● What is your source of income and job title?

● What is your spouse’s source of income and job title?

● How are your monthly or annual income and that of your spouse?

● How long have you and your spouse worked?

● What is the status of your job, i.e., how secure and stable is it?

Question 2: Was your spouse addicted?

Answer: Be candid with your attorney to share your or your spouse’s addiction and what was hampering your marriage or mental health. In addition, tell them about any verbal, physical, or mental abuse you had to face in the marriage. Tell them about your problems too, i.e., if you were the abuser.

Hiding things from your lawyer might leave them blindsided and face an added situation if the opponent proves evidence against you. 

Question 3: Do you have any retirement accounts?

Answer: Tell the lawyer about any retirement account you have and when you started it, before or after your marriage. You might also be asked whether the contributions to this account are voluntary or mandatory. This will help them to form a strategy regarding a child or spousal support payments. 

Question 4: What are your must-haves? 

Answer: When you visit your lawyer, they will make you aware of the negotiation and compromises you have to make, and everything will not be according to your demands. Along, they will also ensure that they will try their best. If a situation comes where you have to choose between two, prioritize your stand.

Preparing yourself to answer these questions might make you destress and present your answers in a sorted way to the lawyer.

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