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4 Must-Have Safety Equipment in Various Occupations and Fields

From construction to health care, several fields require some essential safety equipment. And safety is the primary concern and relevant factor in these fields. As such, PPE can ensure safety in a hazardous work atmosphere, while some of this equipment is compulsory in many sectors.

The Australian government has put forward many guidelines on the mandatory use of safety equipment. The type and design of the safety equipment may change according to the field. Also, the material of the same equipment can vary for different sectors according to the requirements. So, some of the most commonly used safety equipment are:

1 . Helmets

A wide variety of sectors use helmets of various types, while these are a must in construction-related fields to protect the head from potential injuries. Usually, hard hats prevent any metal or heavy items from banging directly on the head. These are generally in the same shape and have similar features. But some safety helmets come with additional specifications to make them more suitable for other purposes.

These helmets need to be worn for a long time and are significantly heavier. Thus it can create some discomforts for the worker. And the rigid and enclosed shell of the helmet makes it hot inside. Meanwhile, vented helmets can allow airflow inside to reduce the heat. It will also help to avoid the irritation of wearing a safety helmet.

2 . Safety Glasses

The eyes are one of the crucial sensory organs in the human body. They are also very sensitive organs and require protection to keep them healthy. As such, many work environments cause severe threats to the health of the eyes. The dust and debris from the atmosphere and extreme light exposure can cause damage to the eye. Also, various outside working environments expose the eyes directly to UV radiation, which can cause different eye diseases. Meanwhile, there are several types of safety glasses available for different work environments, such as:

  • Clear safety glasses: These are widely utilized safety glasses in a variety of fields. These glasses protect the eyes from dust and debris. And it is suitable for people working in dusty conditions like construction sites. Also, people working in the metal grinding and cutting field can use these glasses.
  • Anti Fog Safety glasses: These are similar to regular safety glasses but have a special coating to reduce the condensation inside the glass. This feature allows an unobstructed working condition for the person.
  • Tinted safety glasses: Extreme intensity light is not healthy for the eyes. It can cause severe damage to the retina, and thus people who work in such fields should wear tinted safety glasses. Meanwhile, welding and similar works can produce high-intensity light. And the special tint coating on the safety glasses can reduce the light intensity.
  • Photochromic glasses: These are much more effective than tinted glasses, as they can act as clear safety glass in low light and tinted safety glass in high-intensity light. Besides, the specialized lens on the glass can vary its colouring according to the light that falls on it.

3 . Ear Protection

The eardrum is a sensitive part of the body, and loud noise can damage the eardrum significantly. In the meantime, construction and many related fields can have a noisy environment. As such, the most common ear protections used in these environments are earplugs and earmuffs. They come in several types, including active muffs, passive muffs, and noise-canceling muffs. Besides, the earplugs are classified into reusable, disposable, corded, etc.

4 . Gloves

They are one of the most significant PPE accessories, while the type of gloves varies according to the industry, along with its purpose. But most gloves are used to avoid damage to the hand. Also, the hardness and design vary according to the specific work. And in the medical industry, gloves are beneficial to eliminate contamination and the spreading of pathogens.

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