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188 S Mountain House Parkway in Tracy, CA 95377 is Home to an Amazon Fulfillment Center

188 S Mountain House Parkway in Tracy, California 95377, houses an Amazon Fulfillment Center known as SJC7. Since 2010, no permits were issued, or preliminary notices exchanged – all have remained unfiled – at this address.

This property data may have come from third-party sources, the homeowners themselves, or even public records.

1. Parking

This facility will feature parking for 1,800 cars and 230 trailers, in addition to 40 loading dock bays and a truck scale. When completed this spring, this Amazon fulfillment center will join SJC7 and 1555 N Chrisman Road as another fulfillment center within Tracy – with engineering firm ENGEO providing oversight on this project.

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3. Pets Allowed

188 S Pacifico Street in Mountain House, CA, is a single-family home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms on approximately 2,136 square feet, situated on a corner lot and featuring a garage. Built-in 2006, with a selling price estimated to be $280,000, it is pet-friendly as eight companies have worked on its maintenance.

4. Storage

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