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10 of the Hottest Fashion Trends of 2022

10 of the Hottest Fashion Trends of 2022

A staggering two percent of the entire world’s GDP is spent on fashion. With money like that flowing into the fashion industry, we know consumers like to stay on top of popular trends.

Although the pandemic kept everyone in doors and in sweat pants, people are ready to go out and dress up again. There’s a trend of “revenge buying”, where people are buying more to make up for when they couldn’t go shopping.

We all want to look our best no matter what, and that means we have to stay on top of the latest styles. Here are ten fashion trends 2022 that you will want to add to your closet right away.

1. Statement Shoes

A great look starts from the ground up. You can stick to basic staples but make sure that your shoes are the highlight of your outfit.

We’re seeing tons of texture, like quilted leather, cantilever heels, bright colors, and decorations, like chains and crystals, on footwear. The styles are big, bright, and bold, so get ready to rock some incredible kicks.

2. Sneakers with Star Power

While magenta slides with three inch heels can be found on women’s wear catwalks, sneaker trends are finding their way into high fashion. They look good on anyone and feel great when you’re walking all day.

These aren’t your average schoolyard kicks. Sneakers have serious style, from sleek to chunky, and are worn with any kind of outfit.

Once you try on the right pair, you’ll wear them everywhere. Visit this website to find sneakers that can take your look to the next level.

3. Y2K is Back

We all know that fashion goes in cycles. It’s no real surprise that looks from the Y2K era are our next fashion trend retread.

Think crop tops, slouchy jeans, or bright dresses with big prints. “Cyber” accessories, like colorful tinted glasses or sci-fi fabrics, are having a big moment too.

Get ready to show a little skin if you want to travel back in time. Outfits with cut outs, micro skirts, or really low rise pants are part of this trend.

4. Mini to Medium Handbags

Speaking of Y2K, do you remember the Fendi baguette purse that was everywhere in the 00s? Even if you couldn’t afford the real thing, you no doubt had a pretty knock off tucked right under your arm.

Handbags are going small again, bucking the previous trend of oversized tote bags that hurt your shoulder. Popular handbags are now mini and medium-sized, with just enough room for your Razr phone and a lip gloss.

5. The New Basics

Think of the staples that everyone should have in their wardrobe. You’re probably picturing a tee shirt, a simple jacket, some nude heels that match with everything.

Our wardrobe basics are being re-imagined with new silhouettes and a shifting color palette. They might be striking at first but will become just as familiar to you as your most well-loved classic pieces.

For example, one new style is instead of a jacket that’s too fitted, they’re getting boxier and longer. New neutrals include deep browns, creams, and greige.

6. Colorful Creations

Let’s say that neutrals aren’t really your thing. Don’t be basic, but instead pick up some of the bold and bright new fashion pieces that are now on-trend.

When we mean bright, we mean totally saturated colors. Think neon green, blazing pink, or deep orange-reds.

If you’re only going to stick to a small pop of color, pick from the many popular accessories that are turning up in shades of lime or teal. If you want to go head-to-toe, stick to one bright color to really turn people’s heads.

7. Prep School Cool

Preppie style is another throwback that is making the rounds again. Some may say it never left but you can’t deny that this style is one of the biggest looks of 2022.

However, this is prep school with an edge. Instead of perfect pleats on a skirt, there’s a bit of a rough edge, or a cable knit sweater with a daring and different silhouette.

The staples are there — tennis skirts, polo shirts, subtle labels — but with a few tweaks. This is one look that plays well with fashion sneakers, too.

8. Romantic Touches

Romance has crept into the fashion world with fun, flirty florals and feminine touches. This is a style that will make you feel elegant when you dress up.

Think puffed sleeves, fitted bodices, or skirts with ruffles. Flowers, pastels, or jewel tones all keep the romance alive.

Finish with delicate accessories, like jeweled necklaces or dainty earrings. Keep it simple, elegant, and chic and let the ruffles and soft fabrics speak for themselves.

9. Fringes and Feathers

If you feel like your outfit is missing something, you might just need to embrace the new trend of adding fringe to everything. Fringes and feathers are coming back from the 70s but with a modern twist.

This is a fun and flirty addition to your wardrobe. Fringes and feathers sway, bounce, and move with you, breathing new life into your look.

Boots with fringe or purses with some feather details are a great way to start. Dresses with fringed hems will add movement and life to your outfit.

10. To the Max

We’re done with wearing the same boring sweat pants and t shirt every day from our home office. We’re ready to show up and show off, which means turning up our style to the max.

Maximal dressing is in in a big way. This means loud colors, strong shapes, dramatic touches, and extra accessories.

Go through your wardrobe now and play with layering multiple pieces you wouldn’t think would go together. Wear everything you want to — two belts draped around your waist, two different earrings, or layers of t shirts with a bright cardigan over it.

Have fun and play around with fashion. With maximal style, anything goes!

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Keeping up with fashion trends 2022 doesn’t have to be difficult. With these 10 tips, you’re sure to up your style and make your wardrobe shine.

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